This package has been designed to provide the most packing space for the most affordable price.

It takes away all that guess work of how many boxes you need and gives you a solution that’s right at your fingertips!

One bedroom mooving box package

It comes to you at a low rate of $119 for the first weeks rental and then $26 for each additional week. And don't forget all the extra stuff that comes free to you too! It's a true one stop shop for you to get all your packing and organizing done in time for moving day.

What's Included

Rental Package


Our 25 boxes basic package is ideal for a rented room, a studio, small home office or a one-bedroom home. You can fit a single person's contents very neatly into the boxes that we provide and perhaps even have a bit of room to spare.

And we have an express delivery service to you too! If you need your boxes ready tomorrow, all you need to do is make your order today before 2:00pm! We can get your moving boxes expedited to you by the next business day, no questions about it. And if you're rushing to get things ready for the big move, you can select a specific delivery time (our of 5 delivery windows) to cater to your busy schedule.

Of course you can also add-on to your package if you think you need more boxes. And if you think our package may include a little too much for your liking, why not give us a call on 1300 972 176 so that we can help you do a proper estimation of how many you really need. This way, you will only get what you want and pay for what you need.