The 5 Laws Of House Moving

We stumbled across an interesting article on Richard Wright's blog - about an interesting set of laws that seem to magically apply when you're thinking of moving homes. We had a good laugh and tend to agree with these interesting laws. Here is our take on the 5 magic rules. See if you agree with them!

The Law of Boxes
It looks like boxes have a different space-time dimension of their own because it doesn't matter how many boxes you obtain for your move, they are never enough! Things seem to be so irregularly shaped in comparison to the moving boxes and things just don't seem to fit! Worse still, regardless of how well you label boxes, things disappear inside them, never to be seen again when you start unpacking.

The Law of Time vs Furniture Weight
The more often a piece of furniture has to be moved, the heavier it is going to get! If you've ever moved a piece of furniture in your blank slate of a living space, only to find out that it will look better all the way on the opposite side of the room, you'll know what we mean here. Best to just sit and let the sofa or the bed frame talk to you before you start the heavy lifting...

The Law of Drapery
Every new home has windows that are a different size to your last house and require a totally new set of curtain rods and rails. Make sure you do a good measurement of your windows in your new home because if you're intending to bring over old curtains and get them installed, it's almost assured that they'll be short an inch or two off being able to cover the whole frame!

The Law of Filth Reciprocity
The cleaner your house is when you move out of it, the dirtier your new house will be. This is not to tell you that you shouldn't try and at least get your old home presentable for its new owners. But if you've ever had the experience of putting in the effort to clearing up your home to realise your new one was barely halfway as presentable, you'll know what we're talking about!

The Law of Space Equality
All spaces are not created equal and no matter how big the house you are moving to, there will never be enough room for everything. And do you know why this is? Because we tend to overbuy! Every time we move into a new space, it seems like a new opportunity to get that new chair or replace those old picture frames seems to arise! Be sparing when it comes to new purchases until AFTER you've moved in and the rule may apply with a little less effect. After looking through all of that, we've only got one thing to say! And that is if you're having trouble with these laws, then maybe you'd like to call in the professionals! At Boomerang Box, we've got a great system of renting plastic boxes for your move and plenty of years of experience, so why not let us handle the rules and get things done for you?