5 Tricks Used By Frequently Moving Families

Some families will cringe at the prospect of moving home, and would prefer to live on in their current dwelling. Other families move home so often that they've gotten quite good at quickly packing their belongings and changing address. The constantly moving population have a few tricks up their sleeves which make moving home a breeze. Here are five of their best tricks according to Chicago Now's Aimee Thompson:

  1. Figure out which moving company is best, and who does the best job at that company.
  2. Regularly get rid of unused items and clutter, so you have less to pack when you need to move.
  3. Stay up to date with Gumtree and Craigslist in order to sell off unwanted possessions before your move.
  4. Keep an updated list of companies, services and organisations that will need to know your new address.
  5. Get on the good side of your real-estate agent, and your property lawyer, so that doing business with them feels like catching up with a friend.
Making some simple lifestyle choices can really minimise the stress, and maximise the excitement associated with moving home.