Packing cardboard boxes can be a nightmare. So we dreamed up the Boomerang Box system!

We’ve been helping people with their moving and storage needs for over 20 years. So we know how much they hate cardboard boxes. And how much they’ll love Boomerang Boxes.

Boomerang moving boxes

Few people know packing and boxes as thoroughly as we do. For over two decades we’ve operated one of Australia’s most successful moving and storage companies. Which means, over the years, we’ve dealt with, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of cardboard moving boxes. And thousands of customers who had the unpleasant, time-consuming and difficult task of folding, taping, packing and disposing of every one of those cardboard boxes.

This led us to think: there has to be a better way to pack — without tape, without worrying about boxes crushing ones below them, without stacks of boxes tumbling down, without the bother and waste of removal. And, we thought, there had to be a better experience, too, and a better deal for customers.

All of which led to Boomerang Box, which is the better way to pack, in every way possible.

And because we’ve been helping people with their moving and storage needs for so long, we know how important servicing is. So here at Boomerang Box, our service is as helpful, reliable and user-friendly as our Boomerang Boxes are.