Assisting The Elderly Move Home

Most of us own homes separately from our aging parents and it might be a little difficult to think of them having to move from homes which even you might have memories of staying in. What more so for the old folk? Moving house can be hard for elderly people to manage on their own and not just due to the heavy lifting involved when loading boxes onto trucks, and the amount of packing that needs to get done.

So when the time comes for the elderly to move to a new place, as good kids, what can we do but give them a hand. Here are some things you might want to think about when that happens. Take care of the nitty-gritty things. There's a tonne of things that need to be done when it comes to moving house, so while we're helping our parents out, why not take the yoke of the more complicated and difficult things like coordinating the different parties that will be taking on the move. Contacting the moving companies and getting quotes for transportation will allow our parents the time they need to adjust to the move and do what they need to do to take care of saying goodbye to their old homes. Take things slowly and give them time. Always make sure your elderly relatives or friends have help and start packing as early as possible, as they are more likely to have precious items such as antiques and glassware in their home. And not just that, but as we get older, every corner of their home or item on the mantle may hold some secret or memory for them. Keep Change to a low. Some of our parents may have a bit of trouble remembering where things go or getting around so be sure to take note of how they have their home set up as well, as they will want their new house to be both comfortable and familiar. This will definitely help bumps in the night when they are feeling their way around new surroundings and help to reduce confusion as well! Get some help. And some company - maybe not for you, but to have some friends and familiar faces coming around to keep your parents company while you handle directing and organizing the different groups of people that are coming by to carry out the move. If you are unable to physically be around to help them with the big move then make sure you look at hiring professional movers, at least for heavy items. While some elderly people like to retain their independence, it is unlikely they can move everything by themselves. And if you are looking at professional help, Boomerang Boxes would like to extend our services for your packing needs with our plastic boxes for rent. It makes things a lot easier to pack with our boxes because they are clear - making it easy for you to tell what you've put in and also sturdy to give your parents the reassurance that their things will be well protected during the move. Call us to find out more!