Avoid Procrastination And Start Early On A Home Move

When faced with a big task, a lot of people will decide to procrastinate, putting off what's important in order to do something easier. Moving home is a task that can inspire procrastination in even the most motivated individuals. Packing your stuff into all those boxes, keeping track of what's in each box, and which boxes go where, hiring a moving company, and handling the kids - it can all seem like too much for today. In a sense this is true, as moving home is a long term project, and it's best to start as early as possible. Begin packing from the space you use least, like a spare room, so your schedule won't get too badly interrupted. You can put your packed boxes and bags in the space you started packing from. Use a big, chisel point marker to label each box. Remember to clearly label boxes with fragile contents to avoid disappointments while you're unpacking. Put heavy items in little boxes, and pack lighter items in big boxes. If you decide to mix heavy items with light items, put the heavy stuff in the bottom of the box. Keep all your documentation and paperwork in a briefcase separate from your boxes. Hang on to that briefcase so you don't lose it, and put it somewhere safe as soon as you get to your new home. With all your boxes safely in your new home, Right Estate Agents suggest you treat yourself to the rest of the day off, and start unpacking fresh in the morning.