Big Bungles Made While Moving Home

Anybody that's moved house will have a story to tell about the do's and don'ts of relocation. As a DIY mover, it's good to know that everybody else has gone through the same trials, and made similar mistakes. What's even better is knowing that professional movers can make big mistakes during a move too. The National Post has reported on a few humorous moving stories. One involved a moving company that packed a house cat in the back of their truck along with a load of furniture. When they arrived at their destination on the other side of the country, they realised their client didn't own a cat. Have you ever gone to an appointment, only to realise that you can't remember the address? One moving company confessed to packing away an entire house before realising they were at the correct street and number, but in the wrong town. Another company told of a client who wanted to pack her farming equipment into a London metropolitan condominium. The movers, through supreme effort, managed to get the client's plow inside, but had to give up on her tractor. There are three lessons in these stories. Firstly, planning a move and getting the details right is really important. Second, you're best leaving some things behind. Third, no matter how badly you mess up, it doesn't matter, as long as you get there in one piece.