How To Budget For Your Move

Knowing how much your move will cost will save you from any nasty and costly surprises along the way, which is the last thing you need on top of the stress of moving house. The following are some simple steps to help you budget for your move.

  • Create a budget template in Word or Excel, or use a bookkeepers record book.
  • If using a moving company, include their fee, any extra services you may require (such as packing) and additional insurance costs if applicable.
  • If moving yourself, include the cost of truck rental, the amount of fuel youll need enroute, insurance cover and extra equipment (e.g. a dolly), if not included.
  • Include a section for travel costs, such as any motel accommodation, meals along the way and fuel costs for other vehicles.
  • Make another section for packing costs and include the cost of packaging materials, the cost of self-storage if required and insurance cover while your goods are being stored.
  • Add up the total costs, multiply it by 5% as a buffer number and add the 5% to the cost to get your total moving expenses.