Budgeting For The Hidden Costs Of Moving

Most of us include the cost of a moving company or rental truck in our moving budget, but there are other hidden costs involved when moving. Unless you budget for them at the beginning they can soon add up to a lot of unexpected extra expenses. These costs can include:

  • Additional insurance if your possessions are valuable, the insurance provided by the moving company will probably not cover their replacement value and so you will need to purchase additional insurance.
  • Utilities youll need to have your gas, water and electricity turned on in your new house and may need a deposit upfront. You will also have to pay the utility bills from your old house at the same time, and this can catch a lot of people unawares.
  • Travel expenses even if a moving company is moving your possessions youll still need to move yourself and any additional vehicles, so factor in possible extra fuel, meal and accommodation costs as well.
  • Pets if youre moving interstate or overseas, youll also need to include the cost of transporting and boarding your pets in your moving budget.