Cheap Moving Boxes Sydney

Ditch single-use boxes — we have cheap moving boxes that are more cost-effective for your move!

Looking for an affordable alternative to cardboard moving boxes? Ditch single-use boxes and opt for a recycled, eco-friendly solution from Boomerang Box!

Thanks to the reusable nature of our moving boxes, we can keep costs down for our customers — rather than spending hundreds of dollars on cardboard boxes, you can submit a once-off payment to hire our heavy-duty moving boxes. Once you’re done with them, just let us know and we’ll come to your location to pick them up.

No more excessive spending on single-use cardboard boxes.

No more funnelling cardboard into the recycling bin for weeks on end, or struggling to find somewhere to store them.

With Boomerang Box, moving is more cost-effective and less of a hassle. Hire cheap moving boxes online now or contact our team for more information about our moving box packages. We can help determine how many boxes you need for the move, and provide a flexible quote to make the move as simple and affordable as possible.

Boomerang Boxes are the affordable moving box alternative

Compared to traditional cardboard moving boxes, you’ll find Boomerang Boxes are the cheaper alternative. Our cheap moving boxes are available in kits and packages for your convenience — for example, our “Basic Package” starts from just $199 and features 25 Boomerang Boxes, a moving dolly, a permanent marker and free labels to make moving simple and streamlined.

We have multiple kits and packages to choose from based on your unique requirements. Find the perfect package on our pricing page now!

Boomerang Boxes can also make the moving process cheaper thanks to their stackable nature. As you pack, you can tower your Boomerang Boxes high and save space in the moving truck, limiting the number of trips you need to make to-and-from your new location.

Truly, Boomerang Boxes are the smartest and most cost-effective way to move. Organise cheap moving boxes online today!

Why choose Boomerang Box for your home or business move

At Boomerang Box, our goal is to give our customers the best deal possible. Our service includes:

We offer the best cardboard moving box alternatives on the market. Hire Boomerang Boxes online or get in touch with our team for assistance. We can help determine which package is best for your needs.

Hear from our happy customers

When it comes to the value of Boomerang Boxes, we like to think the proof is in the pudding — we’ve helped hundreds of home and business owners move from point A to B, ensuring they save a little extra cash along the way!

Here are just a few of our glowing testimonials:

Boomerang Boxes have made a world difference to our move. It's the best concept I've come across. Super easy to pack, stack and transport. Eliminating all waste of the traditional cardboard options. The best part — they get dropped off and collected. Highly recommend it to anyone moving.”


“The boxes come, the boxes go. That part is painless and easy. What comes in between is mental anguish, and physical stress beyond your wildest dreams… but really isn’t that the authentic moving experience? These plastic tubs, though simple objects, make that process much more bearable. 10/10 would use again if moving.”


“From my initial inquiry, they were just so helpful and made suggestions to make my move seamless. The communication was great. I added some packing paper, bubble wrap and a port-a-robe which really helped at their suggestion. The boxes are so sturdy and so easy to use. They were delivered on time as arranged which was critical to give me enough time in order to pack everything up and move the next day. Everything has been seamless with boomerang boxes and very reasonable prices.”


“What a fantastic, smart, convenient and sustainable method for moving house. Instead of wasting cardboard and tape, Boomerang Boxes can be used over and over again. They’re easy to pack, move and unpack and it’s good knowing that something as stressful as moving can be done in a considered way that’s not just economical but good for the planet. Would definitely use it again.”


FAQs about our cheap moving boxes

Can I purchase Boomerang Boxes?

We keep our costs low thanks to the reusable nature of our boxes. For this reason, our boxes are not for individual sale. However, you can hire our Boomerang Boxes and keep them for extended periods of time to ensure you have enough time to pack up, move and unpack.

If you need to keep the boxes for an extended period of time (eight weeks, for example) please get in touch with our team. We’ll provide a competitive quote on additional hire costs.

How are Boomerang Boxes so cheap?

Our cheap moving boxes are affordable because we reuse and recycle them on a regular basis. Thanks to the industrial-strength plastic, it’s near-impossible to damage our Boomerang Boxes — plus, we wash and sanitise our boxes between customers, so you can rest assured knowing our moving boxes are safe to use.

Rather than spending mountains of money on single-use cardboard boxes, consider the sustainable option instead — hire Boomerang Boxes online today!

I’m running out of Boomerang Boxes! Can I hire more?

Absolutely. If you find yourself running out of Boomerang Boxes, get in touch with our team within one business day of the move. You can contact us online or over the phone and we will have additional boxes on your doorstep as soon as possible.

Please note that additional hire and delivery costs may apply.

What happens if I damage or lose one of my Boomerang Boxes in the move?

We know that accidents happen — but it’s very hard to break a Boomerang Box! If something does happen, we will assess the damage on an individual basis and provide a quote to replace the box.

If you lose or misplace a Boomerang Box, you will be charged a replacement fee of $35 per box or $70 for a moving dolly.

I need cheap moving boxes for an office move. Do you offer discounts for large commercial orders?

We do! We offer competitive rates for large commercial orders and even long term orders. For more information about our commercial packages and discounts, please contact our team on 1300 972 176.

I only need to move a few things. Can I hire Boomerang Boxes individually?

Absolutely. Our cheap storage boxes for moving are available for individual order — we offer medium boxes (60cm x 40cm x 31cm) and large boxes (68cm x 45cm x 26cm) online. Simply choose what size is best for you and let us know how many you will need for the move.

Can you recommend an affordable removalist?

We can always vouch for our sister business, Smart Move! Offering residential moving services, commercial moving services, storage and packing services, Smart Move is your number one choice for removalist services throughout Sydney.

Give the team a call on 1300 762 786 for an obligation-free quote today!

Hire cheap moving boxes online with Boomerang Box

Ready to make your move? Hire your cheap moving boxes online or over the phone today! We’ll provide a competitive quote and deliver reusable moving boxes to your doorstep. Our team will work with you throughout your move and then take the boxes away for the next mover in your area.