Boomerang Boxes are top of the range, superior products. They’re a lot cheaper and far more efficient than cardboard packing boxes and other alternatives.

“Amazing!! Cheaper than hiring cardboard boxes and you don’t have to leave a deposit! I packed a four bedroom house within a couple of days, not having to tape and put together boxes saved so much time. Jordana whom I dealt with was friendly and very helpful, even managing to drop off more boxes within a couple of hours. I was contacted after my move and asked if I needed more time to unpack or if I wanted the boxes picked up…….. A truly amazing product and service, wish I thought of it first!” – Annie.

Boomerang Boxes save you time, space, and money

The real cost benefits break down into a very good deal for Boomerang Box customers:

  • Free delivery and pickup: We deliver and pick up your Boomerang Boxes free to Sydney Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Northenr Beaches, North Shore
  • Clear upfront costs: You know exactly how much you’re paying for Boomerang Boxes.
  • No guesswork about how many containers you need: We make sure you have a good supply of containers and can get more easily if required.
  • Low risk containers: Boomerang Boxes are practically indestructible and avoid the problems of dangerous breakage.
  • Safety for your contents: Inferior packing boxes often break, meaning that damage to contents is more or less inevitable. This costs you money for more containers and to fix any damages to your contents. With Boomerang Boxes, you just don’t have these problems.
  • Time and space costs: Boomerang Boxes are great space savers. You can stack them and prevent risks while moving furniture or other heavy objects.
  • No clean-up costs: With Boomerang Boxes you don’t even have to clean up afterwards. That’s a real time saver, and a chance for a good rest after a big move.

Our Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll like Boomerang Boxes that we’ll give you your money back if you don’t enjoy using them! That’s our unique guarantee to you.

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"Your boxes are amazing and provide an excellent packing experience and solution!"

"I've already told several of my friends about the concept as I think it's fantastic!"

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