Two Easy Ways To Pack Clothes

When moving house, your clothing will take a significant amount of time and space to pack. However, there are two great ways to easily pack your clothes and save space at the same time. The first is called the 'dead body bundle' technique, and while it has a creepy name, it will save you a lot of folding and packing into bags or boxes. Simply lay a bed sheet flat on the floor and place your clothes onto the sheet so they lie parallel to the length of the sheet. Then fold in the sheet on either side, twist the ends and carry by the ends between two people (hence the 'dead body bundle'). Another great idea for moving clothes you hang in your wardrobe is to create a special box that will allow you to hang your clothes easily. This only requires an ordinary box and a piece of wood shape like a rod. Place the length of wood horizontally over the open top of the box, and hang your clothes on it. Then turn the length of wood diagonally and drop it into the box. This will make unpacking and hanging your clothes easier once you arrive at your new home. Source: