Sydney Eco-Friendly Moving Box Hire

Minimise waste throughout your move with our eco-friendly moving boxes!

Anyone who has moved houses or businesses before knows it comes with a lot of waste! From cardboard moving boxes to bubble wrap, masking tape, butchers paper and more, there’s a lot of unnecessary wastage that’s hard to contend with. Most of these materials end up in the trash, the recycling bin or landfill which is something we all want to avoid.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a range of eco-friendly moving boxes to make the process simpler, more convenient and best of all, more environmentally friendly!

Our eco-friendly moving boxes are made from tough, industrial-strength plastic to ensure your belongings are safe and sound during transit. But thanks to the solid construction of our moving boxes, they can also be used time and time again by movers throughout Sydney, the Northern Beaches and beyond!

Simply pack your things, move across the city, unpack and we’ll pick them up! Your moving boxes will be reused by our customers, eliminating unnecessary waste and making the moving process easy.

Order your eco-friendly moving boxes online today, or get in touch with our team on 1300 972 176 to discuss your options! We’d be more than happy to provide a quote and help organise your move from start to finish.

The benefits of our eco-friendly packing boxes

Boomerang Boxes truly are the best way to move, especially if you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution. The benefits are endless, but here are some of our favourites:

For some perspective, 850 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are thrown away annually — around 1 billion trees! We can bring this number down significantly with eco-friendly moving boxes, so order yours online today!

Eco-friendly moving boxes for homeowners and business owners alike

Boomerang Boxes aren’t just for homeowners looking to move. We also have office moving boxes to make big moves simple!

We can provide the moving boxes you need, no matter how big or small your office is. From a single office to multiple floors in a high-rise building, we can offer competitive prices on bulk moving boxes to make moving more cost-effective.

We offer exclusive discounts for large commercial moves in Greater Sydney — simply get in touch with our team on 1300 972 176 and ask! We can provide a quote to factor into your moving budget and help keep track of costs (this will be especially important around tax time — you may be able to claim Boomerang Boxes).

The major benefit of Boomerang Boxes: they’re 100% reusable. Moving a business — whether it’s next door or across the city — can produce a huge amount of waste. With Boomerang Boxes, you can simply pack up the office or shop, make your move, and have your Boomerang Boxes picked up by our friendly and professional team.

Forget binning and wasting mountains of cardboard boxes. We’ll help eliminate waste and protect the environment throughout the move.

Hear from our happy customers

“We are very happy with the product and services provided by the Boomerang Box team. They are professional, dependable and are very customer-focused. We highly recommend Boomerang Box to anyone who needs a practical and environmentally friendly packing solution!”


“Plastic recyclable delivery boxes for rent - what a great idea. My wife thought of it, of course. As we were planning our move, I was counting the cardboard boxes we had stored for the past 7 years. Not enough! That would have meant buying more cardboard boxes, taping them together and then having to keep them or dispose of them - what a waste.

Far better to just use the strong plastic boxes Boomerang Box supply and rent them for the period you need them. I did check out the opposition, but Boomerang Box has a unique advantage - they tell you the sizes of the boxes. We ordered the largest size but they also provide packages for various size moves.

It is easy to order as you can just do it online, service was excellent with the boxes delivered clean and ready to use. They are fast and easy to pack with foldable lids. We have now disposed of all of the cardboard boxes and will use Boomerang Box's service again. Highly recommended.”


“Fantastic service, safer packing for your valuables and simple to stack! Not to mention the environmental pluses. Would definitely recommend it to all movers out there.”


“What a fantastic, smart, convenient and sustainable method for moving house. Instead of wasting cardboard and tape, Boomerang Boxes can be used over and over again. They’re easy to pack, move and unpack and it’s good knowing that something as stressful as moving can be done in a considered way that’s not just economical but good got the planet. Would definitely use it again.”


FAQs about our eco-friendly packing boxes

What is the impact of using Boomerang Boxes over cardboard boxes?

850 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are thrown away annually — around 1 billion trees! Around 20% of paper and cardboard are recycled which means a huge number of trees end up in landfills, never to be reused again. Boomerang Boxes, on the other hand, can be reused up to 400 times, eliminating the need for cardboard boxes and saving who knows how many trees.

Truly, it’s the most eco-friendly way to move.

What are the other benefits of Boomerang Boxes?

One of the major advantages of Boomerang Boxes over traditional cardboard is that they are so quick and easy to use: no need to assemble every box, no wasted tape on the bottom and again on the top. You just fill your Boomerang Boxes the way you would normally, close the lid and zip lock them shut for security. Fast, simple and cost-effective — exactly what you need when moving.

How many Boomerang Boxes am I allowed to hire?

We offer packages to suit a wide range of moves. For example, we have one bedroom packages with 20 boxes, four bedroom packages with 50 boxes, small office packages with 40 boxes, large office packages with 100 boxes, and so much more.

Plus, if you find you need more Boomerang Boxes during the packing process, all you need to do is get in touch and order some more. We can have extra Boomerang Boxes delivered to your location the next business day.

What are Boomerang Boxes made of? Can I rely on them to keep my belongings safe?

You can absolutely rely on Boomerang Boxes! Our boxes are made from industrial strength plastic to ensure your belongings stay safe and intact from point A to point B. We supply labels that act as ziplock ties to ensure your box is locked and secure for the duration of your hire. Our boxes won’t break, tear, crack, collapse or fall apart during the move — plus, they’re 100% water resistant so your documents won’t be damaged in rainy weather conditions.

Are Boomerang Boxes cost-effective?

Absolutely. Compared to cardboard boxes, Boomerang Boxes are far more affordable. See our pricing page for more information — we have packages for all moves and all budgets. Alternatively, if you’re moving a large commercial office, contact our team on 1300 972 176 for exclusive discounts. We can make big moves more affordable — without the need for single-use cardboard boxes.

What do I do when I’m done with my Boomerang Boxes?

When you’re done unpacking, just give our team a call and we’ll come and pick up your Boomerang Boxes. Please note, our packages are priced for one week only, so any additional weeks incur a fee based on the number of items you rented.

Also, don’t forget you have to be home when we come to deliver or pick up your boxes. This will ensure your boxes aren’t stolen or damaged.

Are Boomerang Boxes cleaned after each use?

Of course! After you’re finished with our Boomerang Boxes, they are returned to our central depot where they are sanitised and quarantined before moving on to the next customer. We care about your health and safety, so this is an absolute essential step in the Boomerang Box life cycle.

Do you offer other moving supplies?

We sure do. You can purchase bubble wrap, butchers paper, lounge and mattress protectors, permanent markers, TV boxes and so much more for your move. Plus, you can hire flatbed trolleys, dollies and reusable port-a-robes for your clothing, so you don’t have to spend time folding up all your clothes for the move.

Can you dispose of the paper and bubble wrap when the boxes are collected?

Yes! If you separate your paper and bubble wrap into separate boxes and let our office know ahead of the pick-up time, we can recycle them back at our depot. We charge $5 for paper and $10 for bubble wrap – if you mix waste, then we charge $15 per box to manually sort them.

This is a great way to get rid of waste in a responsible way.

Can you help me move?

Absolutely. Our sister company, Smart Move, has been helping home and business owners move across the city for many years.

From a one person move to a team of 400 employees, SmartMove will responsibly and carefully move your belongings from point A to B. Get a quick quote online via the SmartMove website today!

Order your eco-friendly packing boxes with Boomerang Box today!

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Alternatively, contact us on 1300 972 176 to book your eco-friendly moving boxes over the phone. We can discuss your moving needs, figure out how many boxes you need for the move and provide competitive pricing to make moving more cost-effective.

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