“I would highly recommend you and have to many people already. It’s an awesome way to move, really easy and there are so many advantages to keeping our planet clean. Thank you for making our move that much more enjoyable” – Paulo.

Making the decision to rent your packing boxes is a much more environmentally-friendly one than buying cardboard boxes. Here are just some of the reasons why renting is ‘greener’.

  • First of all cardboard boxes aren’t made to last, even if they are constructed from sturdy, thick material they will doubtless end up being torn, worn, pulled apart or simply fall part from general usage, and then dumped in landfills that are already overflowing with too much waste. Plastic options mean there is no wastage, once you have finished with your storage or moving needs the boxes are returned to the warehouse where they are cleaned and ready to be rented by someone else.
  • Buying cardboard boxes isn’t actually that cheap either, and if moving home or office you will need a lot of them which can soon make it very pricey. It makes a lot more economical sense to rent hard-wearing industrial strength plastic boxes as prices for rental are already low and these durable products are very difficult to damage.
  • Cardboard boxes are particularly wasteful as a lot of trees are destroyed in order to make enough to cope with demand. They can be recycled, however this also has its disadvantages as only 40% of the boxes are recyclable which means the remaining percentage of non usable sludge is either burned causing C02 emissions and soot to be released into the atmosphere or it’s discarded into a landfill. And it’s bad for our economy as we spend a lot of time, energy, fuel and resources to recycle this material.
  • Cardboard boxes have a short shelf-life and when you consider how many times in your life you might go through the moving process, and try to calculate that for millions of people it obviously amounts to a lot of cardboard, and a lot of trees having to be cut down for this purpose alone.
  • Plastic boxes are made from recycled plastic trash which is turned into industrial-strength plastic, this reduces the amount of bubble wrap or similar packaging required to protect your possessions whilst they are being shipped. They are crush proof and to make even a dent in them would take a lot of effort, due to this they can be stacked high in the trucks making the number of trips involved less, and reducing manpower hours. They also don’t require tape or string to secure them thus saving you money and a lot of fuss and bother!
  • When organizing your eco-friendly plastic storage boxes the company will deliver them to your location, you then pack them up and they’ll return to collect them when you are ready. An effective system it’s aimed at maximising truck capacity for better efficiency as deliveries to neighbouring locations are organised and can be accomplished in the same trip.
  • They are also energy efficient for you as they eliminate wasting energy putting the box together, taping it up and wrapping every item that could be damaged during transit. As well as saving you all this valuable time, your belongings have a lot more protection in one of these boxes than in a flimsy cardboard variety as they are not only stronger and crush proof but also water resistant and dust-free.
  • Single-use cardboard boxes now belong to the past, particularly when you realize that each plastic box can be used as many as 400 times before it has to be recycled, then the advantages of choosing this option for your moving needs are clear.

Help save the planet today by opting for these environmentally-friendly packing boxes. And save yourself money, time and effort too!

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