The Environmentally Friendly Way To Move House

While most of us think of trucks and cars as the ideal way to move, there is a movement in Australia that has been taking a green approach: moving house by bicycle. In 2009 a group called Transition Darebin showed how using bicycles to move belongings can be achieved with a little extra leg work. The group's focus is helping communities move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Darebin, just north of Melbourne, was the testing site for bicycle powered moving services. While the 15 km journey took just over two hours to complete, it was done with a carbon footprint of zero. The downside to the system is that heavy objects (such as fridges) are too difficult to move on bikes. However, the system works well for small household items and personal belongings. While the moving service most likely won't replace traditional cars and trucks, it does demonstrate the effectiveness of bicycles in reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Source: