Environmentally Friendly Packing For Guilt Free Moving

Moving house is a stressful task for anybody, with moving companies, packing wrap, plastic peanuts, sticky tape, and endless boxes. It probably required a lot of those materials to get your possessions to your new home without anything breaking. Once you get to your destination and finish unpacking, the stress evaporates, and the movers will head home, but the packing materials won't. Getting rid of used packing material presents an unexpected dilemma for people in their new homes. Using the general waste bin is one solution to this problem. But, according to a report issued by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2009, packing material accounts for one-third of municipal waste. That's a lot of packing peanuts. There are two solutions for the waste problem presented by used packing materials, according to The Huffington Post. The first is to just avoid them, and improvise with soft items from around the house. Use bedding, pillows, clothing, and towels to wrap all your fragile items during a move. Your clothes won't get damaged, and if they get dirty, a quick wash should take care of it. The second solution is to use eco-friendly products. An eco-friendly packing material industry is emerging, with recycled, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable products on offer. These products perform to the highest quality, and help to reduce the amount of packing materials that end up in landfill.