We guarantee the best packing and moving experience, or your money back!

Boomerang Boxes are simply the best advance in packing since moving began. That’s because everything about them – and we do mean every single thing – is better than cardboard boxes.

They’re super strong

Instead of being made of flimsy cardboard, Boomerang Boxes are constructed of durable, strong industrial-strength plastic. Just try crushing one of these.

No taping. Ever

Boomerang Boxes come ready made and rigidly formed, so there’s no folding them into shape then taping the bottom and sides.

Fill the Boomerang Box

snap the lid closed. Then fill another Boomerang Box, snap that lid closed. Then fill another Boomerang Box, snap that — you get the idea. See how simply better this is?

Stacking Boomerang Boxes is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

And 4 and 5, too. The design of Boomerang Boxes allows for safe, convenient and secure stacking of up to 5 high. So instead of cardboard boxes all over the place, you’ll have easy to move Boomerang Box stacks that glide on our supplied dolly. Is this genius, or what?

Another crushing defeat of cardboard

Boomerang Boxes’ rigid design helps to eliminate the kind of damage from crushed boxes that almost inevitably happens with weak cardboard boxes.

You’ll save trees (and your back).

Packing with Boomerang Boxes is much easier, which helps to keep you from strains. But Boomerang Boxes are also much easier on the environment than cardboard boxes that end up being used once and tossed out. Reusable Boomerang Boxes, on the other hand, are far friendlier to the earth. Feeling better already?

Boomerang Boxes are very rigid, but our pricing is flexible.

You can rent Boomerang Boxes by the week, or multiple weeks, or even longer. All the above, and they still cost less than cardboard boxes. How can this be? Just see below.


Another way Boomerang Boxes are much easier to use: Their low price.

Considering just how much easier, faster and more securely Boomerang Boxes make your packing, you might think that they must cost more to rent — maybe much more – than flimsy and labor intensive cardboard boxes cost you to buy.

Well, you can close the lid on that thought, too, because renting Boomerang Boxes cost less than buying old-fashioned cardboard boxes. In fact, Boomerang Boxes cost much less, see current pricing of all products here.

How can sturdy, stackable Boomerang Boxes actually cost less? Because they’re reusable, so we can charge much less per use. Because cardboard boxes are sold only one time, they have to charge more.