Greener Packing Supplies

Although the fate of your used packing material may not be top of your priority list when moving, it is a real environmental concern. With packaging accounting for nearly a third of the average landfill's volume (EPA 2009), it's important to consider your impact on the environment when moving, says the Huffington Post. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to utilise your existing "packing material". That means things such as bedding and towels, which can be used to pad and protect other items without the need for additional material. Clothing and throws can also be used to wrap goods such as pictures and vases for packing. Once you have exhausted your ready supply of alternative packing material, if you still require more, there are a number of companies that provide environmentally-friendly packing options. These include biodegradable material and supplies which can be reused, to help environmentally-conscious movers ensure their move doesn't cost the earth. Source: