How To Find Free Moving Boxes

In order to move home, you will absolutely need some containers for your belongings. Storage and moving companies offer new cardboard boxes for a price, but according to, there are ways to get boxes and moving containers for less, or nothing. Retailers are the best source of free, strong, cardboard boxes. Grocery stores and supermarkets are a good starting point, because they have a high stock turnover, and that stock is always delivered in a cardboard container. Liquor stores and bottle shops are great sources of free boxes, as they also go through a lot of stock. The stock is heavy, so it arrives packaged in high strength cardboard containers. Wine boxes come with little partitions, perfect for transporting small fragile items. Classified ads and bulletin boards are also a good place to look for boxes. Check your local paper, the board at your local laundromat, Craigslist, and Gumtree. Be careful with used boxes, testing them for durability before moving day. Weak or overstuffed boxes might disintegrate and spill your possessions all over the ground. A good idea is to use a mix of cardboard boxes for some items, and consider hiring re-usable sturdy plastic moving boxes for other contents. After the move, consider putting your boxes up for offer on a bulletin board to help out somebody else.