How To Ship Fragile Items

Shipping companies provide a great service, allowing people to send products and possessions across the world. Unfortunately there is a risk of breakage during transit, particularly when it comes to shipping fragile items. Minimising that risk is easy with correct packing techniques, just follow these steps from

  1. Assemble some packing supplies including newspaper, bubble-wrap, plain paper, masking tape, packing peanuts, egg cartons, boxes and a marker.
  2. When you're sending a delicate container like a vase or a jar, stuff it full of foam or wadded-up paper to strengthen the container.
  3. Wrap your object in paper first, bearing in mind that newspaper might leave ink marks on some surfaces.
  4. Use bubble-wrap to create a layer on top of the paper, securing both layers with a generous amount of masking-tape.
  5. Ship small, breakable items in their own little cardboard containers, with bubble-wrap and paper layers underneath.
  6. Multiple small boxes can go inside a larger box. Just put more packing materials between each box, and the outer box layer.
  7. Put a card with the address and recipient on top inside the box.
  8. Seal up your outer box with sturdy packing tape so it stays shut during transit.
  9. Use a marker pen to clearly label your box's destination and recipient, and to denote that the contents are fragile.