Improve Your Packing Skills

Having a system when it comes to packing will help you feel in control. Bunnings Warehouse gives advice on making packing a breeze. Their tips for professional packing include careful planning at the beginning to ensure sufficient time to pack each room. Allocate a bright tub or box as your packing kit and fill it with marker pens, a tape gun, labels and wrapping materials. Moving boxes can be heavy once filled so tape the underside to strengthen the base or use plastic rental boxes. Allocate heavier goods to smaller boxes to avoid overfilling. Write a broad description of box contents, including clear warnings if contents are fragile or to be kept upright. Avoid highlighting boxes as valuable. Protect delicate items with soft ones like pillows and towels. A cushion behind the television will mould around jacks. Bubble wrap and cardboard will help to protect furniture corners and table tops. Pictures can be protected with corrugated cardboard or blankets. Source: