Inner West

Our Boomerang Boxes can save you a lot of time and effort during a big move in Sydney, whilst remaining environmentally friendly. Boomerang Boxes Inner West makes sure your move is well organised and stays organised. The plastic boxes for moving will be delivered anywhere in these towns of the Inner West region of Sydney; Leichhardt Annandale Glebe Enmore Marrickville Alexandria Waterloo Mascot What's so different about Boomerang Boxes? Practically everything! Boomerang Boxes are much safer to use than cardboard packing boxes. They're also a lot more dependable than the less durable storage boxes you might find in shops. Boomerang Boxes are heavy-duty packing boxes, designed to take lots of handling and provide improved protection for your contents. Boomerang Boxes can take big objects and fragile household items. They can also be stacked easily and help manage your space while you're trying to pack and move. Another very big difference: you won't have to clean up after you move! After moving, your Boomerang Boxes simply return to us. We'll come around to collect them too. Boomerang Boxes are supplied in home-size quantities, and you can get more if you need them. Getting your Boomerang Boxes How's this for an easy way to move:

  1. You can select and order your Boomerang Boxes online.
  2. Pay the rental for however long you need your boxes with your credit card.
  3. We'll deliver your boxes to your home, free.
  4. We pick up the Boomerang Boxes after you've moved.

You can also get lots of free stuff like stickers, labels and marker pens. Contact us To find out more, call us on 1300 972 176, and our experts will be glad to assist. We deliver plastic moving boxes to these areas in Sydney;