Boomerang Boxes is also the choice of many businesses in Sydney because we are the perfect solution for office moves. There’s a lot to do when planning an office move and wherever we can cut the hassle for you, we will!

In order to keep costs down, do away with having to source for cardboard boxes and the resulting disposal of all the used boxes when you’re done. Call Boomerang Box and we’ll take care of all your packing supply needs and work flow interruption will be kept to an absolute minimum – you can get your business back up and running again in no time!

Large office moving box package

Our large office package is for a big business that has lots of inventory and documents that needs to move in a careful, safe and secure manner. The make-up of boxes and add-ons was created for a large office space, which accommodates from 10 to 20 staff members.

Rental Package

FREE Packing Materials Included


And Sydney removalists love working with our Boomerang Boxes, besides the fact that all the boxes are built so that they can stack exactly on top of each other, there are snap on lids which make packing your items so quick and efficient – simply pop a lit on and move to the next box! No more having to take time out to seal up a cardboard box. And you know what that means for cases when you need to open up boxes to look for items right? Yup! No having to look for a box cutter and wasting your efforts to taping the boxes either!

In addition, we include our custom built dollies for you too! They are designed to lock with teh Boomerang Box, just like the covers! You can safely stack out Boomerang Box up 5 high and they’ll be secure in their tower so you can move quickly through the house and to the moving van. The whole process is so simple and neat that we’re working closely with some removalists exclusively across Sydney to provide our services to even more Australians all over town!

Get your personal assistant to arrange the delivery. It’ll be a walk in the park for them and we’ve got the reviews to prove it! Booemerang Box truly makes packing and moving an office as simple as can be for you! We can deliver at short-notice, and are flexible with the sometimes unpredictable task of moving a large office space. And if you need a few extra sets of hands to get the packing or unpacking done, then ask us for a quote,

If you have a larger headcount than this and need more Boomerang Boxes and items, please get in touch with our consultants, we’d love to work something out with you so you can enjoy the ease and convenience that our Boomerang Boxes bring! Call us between Monday to Friday on 1300 972 176.