How To Load A Removals Truck

When you're attempting a move, there are lots of different ways to ship your items from one place to another. But whether you have hired a professional moving company or are thinking of renting a truck to transport items the DIY way, having a method for loading your possessions onto the removals truck is a worthwhile strategy! It's important to figure out a method to efficiently packing the transport vehicle so that your items are safely in place all through transit and also to make it easier for loading and unloading. So here are some quick tips to help you make loading the moving vehicle that much easier!

Start with the big and heavy stuff.
We need to make sure that the truck is properly balanced because we don't want the truck to tip over while we're loading up halfway, so balance the load by spreading items evenly on both sides of the truck. All the big white goods and anything else heavy needs to be loaded first. These items tend to be more easily damaged if movers are not careful, so do make sure that these are properly wrapped up and padded, especially if there is sensitive electronics involved.

Large furniture items come next!
Mattresses and sofas should be loaded next to fill up any other large floor spaces, against the long sides of the truck. Proper mattress protectors or covers should also be put on so that rips and tears can be avoided. Items such as poles can be rolled up in carpets before placing on the floor of the van or under the frame of the bed and sofa. Larger pieces that can be disassembled should be taken apart by now as well.

Big moving boxes are next on the list.
We're maximising the space that's left now, so let's get the rest of the boxes in, starting with the biggest ones and making use of any gaps created by your large items. Work your way through the rest of the boxes, stacking lighter boxes on top of heavier ones. Next come the most fragile and awkward pieces, you can make use of any mattress or furniture cushioning around so that they are protected while in the compartment. Just remember to double check that these items are secure and will stay in place whilst on the move.

Miscellaneous items should always go last!
These include especially soft items like blankets and curtains and towels. You don't really need to pack these into moving boxes either as they are great alternatives for protective padding and butchers paper to ensure things don't bump around too much. With the handy tips above, we hope that you'll get the most out of the space and services that you've rented but just remember: do remember to keep track of what you need packed and brought over to your new apartment or house. The last thing you want is for something to be left behind or forgotten. And with that Boomerang Box would like to wish you all the best with your impending move!