Before You Move In

Moving into a new home can be great, but often there are jobs which need to be done before you feel it is up to standard. Some are necessary tasks, some are cosmetic and some just help it to feel more like your home. suggests carrying out projects before your possessions are delivered to make the process far simpler. Most jobs are easier without a room full of furniture to negotiate or move. Fitting a new carpet or installing new flooring will be far less hassle if the house is empty. Fitting bedrooms with storage space is simpler if you don't have to take anything out of the existing storage before you start. Consider your lighting and other electrical needs; this is a job which can really benefit from an empty home, allowing electricians to work faster and get where they need to without disrupting family life once you've moved in. Changing the locks on the doors before your possessions are delivered can provide valuable peace of mind. Source: