Should You Move In Together?

Moving into a home with your girlfriend or boyfriend is a huge decision to make. If you move in together too soon it could hurt your relationship or even end it, and that's obviously not what anybody wants. So we've put together a short list of the tough things that you need to consider before you go ahead to throw out your single mattress for a larger one...

Why are you moving in together? Before you even go about looking for new apartments or making plans with the moving companies to bring cardboard boxes in for you, you 2 need to think long and hard about what your reasons are for moving in together. Is it because you want to take the relationship to the next level, or are you just looking for something to spice up the relationship. Think carefully where the relationship is going and whether this is just a spur of the moment thing. If marriage isn't on the cards, then you may need to ask when it will be and how long you should wait before re-examining whether the new arrangements are suiting you. Take things step by step. One way to test out how well you live together is to try longer sleepovers, so that moving in isn't such a sudden event. This will really help you to get a good gauge of what the other person is like when you're not out on a date - whether he/she cleans up after himself and whether your lifestyles are compatible too for example - one of you really enjoys going out with friends, whereas the other prefers staying at home to read or cook. Make sure your relationship is healthy and open. If you are not getting married make sure you have discussed finances and understand how moving in can affect your relationship. Look at your living habits. And financial habits for that matter! Moving in together means split chores and split bills. So it's important to make sure that you have the same expectations of cleanliness and commitment to the household. This obviously gets more difficult if you tend to keep house a little differently from each other - you might notice that he squeezes the toothpaste from the centre of the tube while you're a little more meticulous, squeezing from the bottom. Make all the effort to solve problems as soon as possible! Inevitably, a change in dynamic may lead to disagreements. But that doesn't mean that all is lost. If you're going to make your new living arrangement work, this means pulling out all the stops to talk and come to an agreement about how you feel about the change, even if it may upset you during the initial phase of getting used to each other. And should you decide to take the big leap to move-in together, we'd like to be the first to congratulate you for taking that step! Remember that Boomerang Boxes is here to help you every step of the way with our plastic boxes for rent. You'll be able to get things from both your homes organized and ready to move in with no fuss at all!