How To Move In A Hurry

If you thought moving was scary, what if you realised that you're going to have to do it on a schedule! This could be due to a myriad of reasons - having to move for work by a certain deadline, planning for your leases to coincide, etc. But if you do find yourself having to move house in a hurry, don't panic. Read this list of helpful tips and you'll have it done in no time.

  • Get on the phone and find a mover who can be there when you need them. If you can, we would advice that you get at least two quotes before deciding, especially when working with a tight schedule, some companies may charge you a little more for a rushed job.
  • You may not have time to source for packing materials, so do check with your moving company if they have ready-made packages for you to pick up. You can also come to Boomerang boxes and we'll set you up with plenty of sturdy plastic boxes at a cheap price! But more on this later.
  • Many companies take quite a number of working days to process address changes and transfers so settling your utilities and paper work for finalising the move should be done as early as you can! Inform the relevant parties of the date that you need things to be turned on (or off) and when charges should be transferred from the old address to the new. Also, you should also start notifying companies of the change of address so that you can ensure you get your mail at the right place too!
  • We're pretty sure that with all the rushing around, it might be difficult to keep track of what needs doing and where things are going. We would advise that you prepare a go bag full of personal items that will make up your 'survival kit of essential things' so that when you first get to your new home, you will have everything that you need - toiletries, snacks, a change of clothes - within reach. A separate go-bag for things that you need on moving day itself would be useful too - this would include important documents as well as forms and administrative thing to settle with the moving company on moving day itself.
  • Moving Day itself is sure to be a big confusion as well, so see what you can get done before hand to help you keep track of things. Disassemble large items ready for the movers and make sure large appliances are disconnected and dry. Be on hand to assist the movers as this will save time, but make sure that you don't get underfoot. A good idea would be to get things out to a common area that facilitates easy pick up of the items for loading into the moving vans.

With all the things that have to go right to move in a hurry, good help is always in want. We hope that you're able to get things in order for the moving day, but if in doubt, check with us at Boomerang Box! We have a number of partners and great deals that are sure to make your rush job that much easier!