Moving A Small Business For A Better Opportunity

Small business operators are some of the most prolific movers, not usually from choice, but in order to go where their business will do best. Packing up and moving shop is a serious commitment that can yield big benefits when done properly. For a small business operator looking to relocate, there are several easy rules to follow from Huffington Post:

  1. Only move the most necessary items to your new location. Whether moving to a new location in town, or shipping to a different country, moving your stuff costs money. The more you move, the more it will cost you. Sell, recycle, or donate whatever you don't really need.
  2. Moving companies will charge by the clock, and by the number of people on the job. Save costs by packing everything well in advance, and only bring on the number of movers you really need.
  3. Be methodical about packing your things. Label all your boxes clearly, write an inventory of what's in each box, and take photographs in case anything goes missing.
  4. Disassemble any big items like desks, chairs or furniture when you can. Tape all the parts together, and keep any screws and bolts organised in envelopes with clear labelling, to make the re-assembling easier.