Moving Apartments The Stress Free Way

Moving isn't so bad if you're organised, and if you live in a unit, there's a lot less to transport too. Here we've got a great list of tips to help ensure you're set up in your new place in no time. Use your clothes to wrap up dishes and glasses. You'll save on packing materials and won't need as many boxes.

Label your boxes on their sides. This way when boxes are stacked on top of one another you still can easily find out what's in them. Take photos of all of your entertainment system connections, so that when you get to your new apartment, you can simply replicate the configuration you had at your old place to get your entertainment unit up and running in no time. Recruit your friends to help you move. Having friends help you move makes the time go faster. Make it fun for them too by having a box of snacks and drinks they can go to anytime and have whatever they like. Don't move too many food related items. Instead, try to eat everything you have and do small grocery shops for the weeks leading up to your move so you have to transport only a small amount of perishable and food items to your new unit. Source: