Moving Boxes For Hire In Sydney

Boomerang Box is happy to bring our revolutionary plastic boxes to rid all our customers in all major areas and suburbs in Sydney of their packing woes and help them to say goodbye to the old school cardboard method forever!

Our Boomerang Box plastic moving boxes are available for you to rent and here's why: Boomerang boxes are ultra durable Our plastic boxes have secure and attachable lids This makes them stackable up to 5 boxes high!

We delivered our packing boxes to wherever you are in Sydney already assembled And when you're unpacked and all moved in, you don't throw them away! We collect the moving boxes and reuse them to save the environment. Boomerang Box wants to make the whole moving procedure as seamless as possible for you. No more having to find a replacement cardboard box for one that just couldn't take the weight, or cringing every time a cardboard box gets dented while trying to load up the truck. Here's to saving space with stacking in the truck and knowing that the solid walls of our packing boxes will protect your fragile items from damage. Wherever you are in Sydney, we'll come to your residence or business and deliver the moving boxes to you so that you can get started right away on packing. All you need to do is load the boxes, snap the lids shut and you're ready to move! Boomerang Box Moving Boxes For Hire in SydneyAre you still thinking about it?

Here's even more reason to use services with Boomerang Box: Most companies charge when you arrange for a team to come to your location. But not us! We've absorbed the cost of delivering and picking up our plastic moving boxes before and after you've used them in all major areas of Sydney. We're also giving you free zip ties, stickers for labeling and we'll even throw in a black permanent marker for you to get everything all written up and marked and get a head start on all that organizing that needs done before the big move. And that's all there is folks! No more hidden costs or sneaky fees that appear on your bill. You pay for exactly what you see.

Box Delivery Time Schedule Boomerang Box delivers at your pick of one from five 2-hour time slots, 8:00am in the morning to 5:00pm in the afternoon, from Monday to Saturday to suit your convenience. Our friendly pickup or delivery guy will give you a heads-up when he's close to an hour from arriving at your location. If you need to make special arrangements outside of these timeslots, give us a ring on 1300 972 176. Our guarantee is that you will be satisfied so we will try our best to help you out.

Whatever the request may be, Boomerang Box wants to help you get one step closer to a speedier, safer and more convenient way to moving your items.