Moving Box Hire Newcastle

Make your move as simple and cost-effective as possible — hire moving boxes in Newcastle today!

Cardboard boxes can make moving needlessly complicated… and expensive!

The first step is purchasing stacks of cardboard boxes and assembling them using tape. Then, it’s time to pack and contend with potential damage to the boxes like tears, rips and water damage. Finally, once the move is over, you have an enormous pile of single-use cardboard boxes to store away or recycle.

More than just inconvenient, cardboard boxes can be expensive and contribute to a huge amount of waste in landfills. With this in mind, we’ve developed a series of reusable moving boxes for home and business owners throughout Newcastle NSW!

Our moving boxes in Newcastle are 100% reusable — once you’ve finished unpacking after the move, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll come and pick them up from your location.

No more filtering cardboard boxes into the recycling bin each week. No more storing boxes away, never to be used again but “just in case”. We’ll pick up our Boomerang Boxes, sanitise them and send them onto the next local mover!

It’s never been simpler to move from point A to B — hire moving boxes in Newcastle with Boomerang Box!

The benefits of our eco-friendly moving boxes in Newcastle

At Boomerang Box, we’re committed to protecting the environment and minimising our carbon footprint — that’s why we developed our reusable, eco-friendly moving boxes! Made from industrial-strength materials, our boxes are designed to be used over and over again, eliminating the need for single-use cardboard boxes.

However, the benefits don’t end there. Our moving boxes also have the following advantages:

Allow us to make your move more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Hire moving boxes in Newcastle today!

Hire moving boxes in Newcastle for your home or business

As well as moving boxes for homeowners and renters, we also offer commercial moving boxes for businesses both big and small. From a single office to a multi-level high rise, we have office packages to suit your needs.

Our office packages include:

Moving offices doesn’t have to be a challenge — nor does it have to be wasteful. With our reusable office moving boxes, you can eliminate unnecessary waste, keep track of office essentials and make your move as safe, streamlined and affordable as possible. Hire moving boxes in Newcastle for your office move today!

Hear from our happy customers

“These heavy-duty plastic boxes are great. Will never use cardboard boxes again. The price is very good and probably works out cheaper than using cardboard boxes!”

- Lee Justin Marsh

“Your service was fast, efficient and good value for money. The boxes were delivered on time and were in clean, good condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.”

- Julie

“We were very pleased with the service you provided. First, the concept just makes sense! Why buy all those cardboard boxes?! Your delivery people were on time and very friendly (big fans of our puppy) and your product was of high value. Thank you!”

- Liz

“Love the boxes. They really make moving much simpler. I will recommend them to anyone I know who is moving. I am sure you will do well and I can’t think of a thing you could change. Cheers!”

- Frankie

“I would highly recommend you and have to many people already. It’s an awesome way to move, really easy and there are so many advantages to keeping our planet clean. Thank you for making our move that much more enjoyable.”

- Paulo

FAQs about our moving boxes in Newcastle

How soon can I get moving boxes delivered to Newcastle?

While we offer next day delivery in Sydney, we will need a little extra time to deliver your boxes. For the time being, we are offering Boomerang Box delivery in Newcastle two days a week — contact our team on 1300 972 176 ahead of time to find out when your boxes can be delivered.

We will provide updates when more delivery times are available.

Can I purchase Boomerang Boxes?

Our Boomerang Boxes are designed to be used over and over again — that’s how we keep our prices so low. Because Boomerang Boxes are made from industrial strength plastic, the manufacturing costs are much lower than cardboard boxes. With this in mind, our Boomerang Boxes are only available on a rental basis.

How do I pay for my boxes?

You can put in an order for Boomerang Boxes online, then our sales team will be in touch to process your order over the phone. You can pay with credit cards like Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

Alternatively, simply give us a call to place an order and pay over the phone in one simple swoop. We can provide recommendations and advice around how many boxes you may need, and organise delivery prior to your move.

I need my Boomerang Boxes longer than I originally intended. Can I extend the hire period?

Absolutely. If you need an extra week or two to unpack, just give us a call on 1300 972 176 and let us know how much longer you’ll need the boxes. That way, we can reschedule the pickup date for the boxes and process any additional hire costs over the phone.

If you need your Boomerang Boxes for a longer period of time (eight weeks, for example) we can provide a competitive quote to make the unpacking process simple and affordable.

I underestimated how many boxes I’d need. Can I borrow more?

You sure can. Get in touch with our team on 1300 972 176 or order more boxes online and we will deliver additional moving boxes to your doorstep. Just be sure to get in touch with as much notice as possible.

Please note that additional delivery costs may apply and for the time being, we will be delivering boxes to Newcastle from Sydney two days a week.

Can I change the booking date?

Of course. To change the date of your booking, please contact us on 1300 972 176 within 24 hours so our team does not deliver your boxes on the wrong day. However, if it’s an emergency, please let our team know and we’ll do our best to reorganise delivery for you.

How big are Boomerang Boxes?

Our large (75L) boxes are 320 (H) x 685 (D) x 435 (D) and can withstand up to 35 kilograms.

Our medium boxes (50L) are 320 (H) x 600 (D) x 405 (D) and can withstand up to 30 kilograms (external dimensions).

Do you offer other moving supplies?

We sure do! You can purchase recyclable bubble wrap, recyclable packing paper, furniture protectors, permanent markers, mattress covers and more. Plus, we also have individual items available to hire like extra dollies, Port-A-Robes for your clothing, hand trolleys and even singular Boomerang Boxes.

Are Boomerang Boxes cleaned between each use?

Yes. After we pick up Boomerang Boxes from each location, they are returned to our depot in Sydney where they are cleaned and sanitised before being passed onto the next mover. Your safety is our number one priority.

Order moving boxes in Newcastle online or over the phone today!

Ready to make a move? Order our reusable moving boxes in Newcastle online or over the phone! We offer competitive prices and a fast turnaround, so you can start packing and relocating sooner rather than later.

Our team will deliver your Boomerang Boxes directly to your door and pick them up from your new location after use. It’s never been simpler to move from point A to B — get in touch with Boomerang Box today!