Rent Moving Boxes in the Northern Beach

Moving to your new home can be a rewarding experience. However, transferring your possessions to your new address is undeniably a tiring process; not to mention you getting stressed out taking care of them during the move. Transferring your belongings basically means using moving boxes that are durable yet affordable. If you live in the Northern Beaches and plan to move soon, Boomerang Box offers a convenient moving box service. 

Accessibility is not a problem since we can deliver moving boxes to Northern Beaches. You can order your moving boxes now, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

How much does each moving box cost?

Our moving boxes are only for rent as we don’t sell them. To know our rental rate, please refer to here.

What happens when I’m done using the moving boxes? 

We’ll pick up your boxes from your address once you’ve unpacked your things. We also give you extra time if you still need to unpack your possessions. We charge $10 for delivery and pick up from these suburbs in the Northern Beaches.

Our moving boxes are easy to use and sturdily built – the perfect solution in transporting your possessions. You could even stack five of our boxes and it wouldn’t damage what’s inside them. Unlike cardboard boxes, Boomerang boxes can be used 400 times before they are replaced, and they don’t collapse if they get wet. Boomerang moving boxes are cheaper and eco-friendly whereas disposable cardboard boxes use trees as a raw material. Help save the planet by using our boxes!

Give us a call and make us a part of your big move.