How Much Is Too Much For A Moving Deposit

In some areas, removalists will require a deposit in order for you to be able to hire them for your required moving date. This is generally reserved for areas where there are higher rates of people moving and during peak periods. Some removalists might ask for a deposit because they are worried about losing the job if it's cancelled at the last minute. If you are asked for a deposit from your removalist, how do you know if what they are asking is reasonable?

Firstly just remember that being asked to pay a deposit is rare. If you are asked to make a down payment, ask the moving company why this is necessary. First things first if you are asked for a deposit: check the credentials of the removalist and make sure they are a reputable business. The deposit should be a reasonable amount if you are required to pay one. It should be a percentage of the cost of the move and may also take into account the day of the move and how far you are moving. Moving on a weekend for example may require a larger deposit. Overall, the deposit you are required to pay should range somewhere between $100-$500. Any amount around this price is reasonable.