Moving With A Family

Moving may be stressful enough on us having to plan everything but when you have a family that moves with you, things can get quite a fair bit more complicated. A change of environment is never easy, especially if you have young kids or elderly with you. Take a look at some of Boomerang Boxes tips for moving with your family - we hope that these will help things to settle down easily once you've made the move! Good Luck!

  • Get the kids excited! Talk to children about the move in advance and prepare them for what's about to come! This is a great opportunity to tell them the good things about moving to a new place and when you highlight the positive reasons for moving, your kids will start to think about the possibilities available to them. You can also find out what they're most excited about too and make it a point to ensure that that thing they're excited about doesn't let them down.
  • Make a trip to the new neighbourhood! Bring the kids around to get familiarise in their new area because they'll be spending a lot of time here! Point out points of interest and find out about local recreational opportunities - it may also be a good idea to think about how to get the family involved in these activities once you move. And if you can, try to visit new schools ahead of the move so that the kids are familiarised with the compounds and their new teachers and classmates.
  • Encourage children to be involved in the move. Make sure everyone feels part of it and give them some jobs - it can be something as simple as ensuring they pack their own room, or looking through the book cabinets to decide what to keep or throw away. This is not only going to make them feel important and part of the decision to move, but it's also going to take a bit of work off your hands!
  • Keep the must-have items Especially when your kids are young, familiar items are a must to have around and in near reach for your children. Let's not talk about if they are young enough to still require diaper and clothes changes too - just make sure that their things are handy and ready to unpack quickly in the new home.
  • Stick to the family's routine as much as possible. Of course timings and distances are going to play a part with getting up and going out, whether to extra-curricular activities or classes, but trust us when we say that your kids will find it so much easier to adapt if there is minimal disruption to bedtimes and meal times.
  • Do something SPECIAL in the new home. Celebrate the new house! Allow them to jump on the bed for once, have a house-warming, give them something extra special to commemorate their new room or have a fancy dinner! Your kids will see that moving homes is a wonderful event to be a part of!

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