Moving Home On A Budget

Plenty of people decide to move further away from the city, or move into a smaller home, in order to pay less rent. If you're moving to save money, you probably don't want to blow all your future savings on removal fees and packing materials. Here are some tips from Frugal Queen for getting into your new home while sticking to a budget.

  1. Choose the newest estate agent in town, because they are probably hungry for business, and will undercut their competition in order to get you on board.
  2. Get your conveyancing handled by a law firm that specialises in conveyancing. Real estate isn't a glamorous area of the law, and the prices of conveyancing specialists reflect that, even though they do a fine job.
  3. Ask around at your local retailer or supermarket for leftover boxes and other packing materials. Newsagents are good for leftover newspapers too, which you can stuff inside boxes to prevent breakage.
  4. Move home during the middle of the week, in the middle of the month, away from holiday periods. Moving companies charge a premium on weekends, the end of the month, and holidays.
  5. Save money on your moving company by doing it yourself. Pack your own boxes, and rent a truck for serious savings.