Moving House With Children

Moving house is a stressful event. It's even more of a stressful event for kids, especially those who've never moved house before. Here we've got a great list of tips for helping your little ones with the entire moving process:

A new start - Share the excitement of your new home with your kids, and be open to their feelings and thoughts on moving schools and making new friends. Make sure that if you notice some things are playing on their mind, you are able to talk it through with them.

Talk about what will happen on the day of the move - Talk through with your kids what will be happening on the moving day and if they will be there, or if you've arranged a babysitter to take care of them for the day.

Collection of important kids items - Make sure that you have a box or two full of your kids' favourite toys and games. This go-to box will make everyone feel at home faster, so take this with you in the car if possible.