Moving House The Eco-Friendly Way

In the hustle and bustle of moving, not many of us would think about the other consequences of our relocation. But these days, there's a lot of emphasis being put on our carbon footprint! So if you want to leave the smallest possible trail when moving house, here are some useful tips for eco-friendly moving.

  • Start collecting cardboard boxes from items that you've bought or ask relatives to keep and collate to pass to you for use. You can also use second-hand boxes picked up from supermarkets and retail stores, or hire them from a box hire firm (like us!) and return them after use.
  • For keeping your items safe, you can use old newspapers and office paper for packaging materials instead of buying new rolls of butcher's paper. You can also choose biodegradable materials for bubble wrap and packing tape so that even after they have been thrown, the effect on the environment is minimised.
  • Use shredded paper as packing for fragile items rather than foam bubbles. It's an easy and simple way to buffer your belongings. Source it from your office, or shred some old documents and newspapers yourself.
  • If you've got a lot of blankets and linen, you can wrap them to protect the cloth and use them as protective padding for your fragile items and furniture. You can save a lot on bubble wrap in this way, and probably sae a pretty penny from renting padding from the moving and removals company too!
  • Choose the right size truck for your load so that you don't move it half empty or have to make two trips. A 6-tonne truck is suitable for a 2 to 3 bedroom apartment. You might want to ask your moving company for the capacity of their fleet, or ensure that they give you a proper quote before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Cull your possessions as you pack them, asking yourself the inevitable question 'Do I need it?' and donate what you don't need to other less fortunate people. Even though you may be throwing things out, some of these things may be useful to others! If you wish, you can even hold a garage sale and make a bit of money back out of it rather than sending everything to the local land fill!
  • Last but not least, do you think you can go green in your new home? How about building fixtures in that are green alternatives so that you can really make an impact on saving the environment. Solar panels are already rather common place, but there are a lot of other options available for drainage and heating which might be able to suit you and your family's power consumption and habits.

Boomerang Boxes is well aware of the dangers in not respecting the Earth and its resources and have dedicated our core business to being as eco-friendly as possible. With that, we are proud to be able to offer you a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative with our reusable plastic boxes for rent as well. If you are intending to make a difference and save the Earth, find out more about how our Boomerang Boxes can help you do that today!