Moving Your Musical Instruments

If you're moving with a musical instrument, you'll need to take extra care to ensure it survives the trip with no damage. If you have a case for your instrument, this offers your instrument the best protection for the move, as cases are designed for taking a bit of damage and protecting your instrument from most bumps and beatings. You can pick up cases for most instruments at your local music store. However, you will need to make sure you don't store any small or loose items in the case with your instrument. Once you have a case, you will want to add a little more protection, especially if it will be packed in the back of a truck with all your other items. Use some bubble wrap around your instrument to add another layer of protection. Give the case a good shake when you are done to make sure the instrument won't move around, and to double check you have not left any small items inside.

For stringed instruments, reduce string tension by tuning your instrument down a few steps before moving. This will ensure that strings stay in shape during the moving process.