Moving Tips For Businesses

Moving to a new business premises can be really stressful. But if you are prepared, and follow a few simple tips, you won't lose anything in the shuffle.

Talk to your boss Asking your boss a few important questions before you start packing will make the whole process a little easier. Find out the approximate size of the new desks and drawer space. Also, ask when the move date is and how your boss wants you to discard any unwanted documents or furniture if it won't be needed in your new office.

Clear and sort Clear out your filing cabinet and get rid of anything you won't be needing. Once you know what you need to take to your new office, begin sorting through files and make specific piles for recycling, shredding and keeping. Organise what you are taking with you into boxes with the files in alphabetical or numerical order.

Packing up your desk Once again it's all about only keeping the necessities and discarding anything you won't be needing in your new office. Only take what you need.

Take home personal items With all personal items it's a good idea to pack them yourself and take them home. Once you are relocated in the new office space you can work out what you want to bring back in.