Moving With A Toddler In Tow

Just as you thought that things were starting to settle down, the routines were getting more predictable and maybe, just maybe you were getting a hang of parenthood, guess what? You've decided to move to a new home! Moving house can be worrying enough without the additional consideration of a small child but all's not lost, it won't be a disaster if you pay attention to these easy tips for moving with your young ones!

Plan ahead.
It is so important to have a schedule for moving day itself! Knowing how long things are going to be helter-skelter will help you plan for meal times and snack times and even nap times! If you can stick to your bubs routine as much as possible do it!

Keep them company.
Secure a babysitter - family member or close friend - to be there especially whilst doors need to be open and more importantly to keep an eye on them! With all the heavy lifting and strangers moving in and out of the house, we would definitely advise for Junior to be within arms reach at all times.

Be occupied.
If your toddler tends to get cranky, a new toy will help to distract them from the inevitable disruption of moving day. Perhaps a swing or mobile walker type of item that will entertain them while you take care of directing the movers around. Please do remember that you still need to keep an eye on them while they are running around with their new play thing though! Safety first!

Get them involved!
Explaining what is happening during a move is a great way of getting the kids involved since the surroundings are bustling with activity. Let them know what's happening around them and who the people coming in are. If things are starting to wind down, they may even want to help out and carry their toys to the car and help load up, who knows?

Take breaks.
You won't be the only one that's stressed with so many things to coordinate; children may start to feel the frustration mounting too so having breaks every so often to keep the mood light and allow you to give some attention to your child will do wonders for them to understand what's happening on moving day, and a happy child will also be good for your blood pressure!

Last out, first in.
When you're ready to start putting things in the packing boxes, leave what you can of your toddler's stuff untouched until the last moment possible! Being the last item on to the truck means it will be first to come off the truck at the other end and you can get your toddler settled back to normalcy more quickly.

Explore the new area together.
Your bub may find the new environment a little confusing, so at the first change you have, a good idea is to head out for a walk! Find the parks, play areas and fun spaces will help your bub to adjust and be excited about the new home and all the potential there is for it! And when all is said and done, you can apply these tips when you are unpacking your moving boxes and getting settled in to your new home at the end of the day too! Here's wishing you an easy time and great move from Boomerang Boxes!