We are sure that there is more than enough things on your mind when you are getting ready to move house. That is why Boomerang Box has come up with a number of packages to make the job so much simpler for you!

All you need to do is look through our website and find the package which meets your needs the closest and there you have it!

Two bedroom mooving box package

The 2 bedroom moving box package is only $199 for the first week’s rental and includes all the freebies like stationery and protective wrapping. After that, itís a cheap $41 for each additional week that you need the Boomerang Boxes after that.

What's Included

Rental Package

FREE Packing Materials Included


This moving box package that we have here was created for the standard two-bedroom home, or for a couple who has a fair bit more things in the room which they stay in. Weíve looked at the different combinations and are sure that whether itís your living room and your kitchen, or your bedroom and a study, or even if you just want something extra to make sure youíve covered all bases when packing for yourself, then this package is made just for you.

And if you need your packing boxes delivered to you fast? You just need to place your order with us today by 2:00pm for a next day delivery. We have 5 convenient delivery windows every day so you can choose whichever time suits you the best, and this includes even an early-bird delivery time between 7:00-9:00am so you can receive your boxes before you leave the house; you won’t even have to take any time off work!

Whichever way you want it, Boomerang Boxes gives you our promise that we will help you to move and store your stuff safely and efficiently every time. We are all about making moving easy and simple and SAFE for you and make sure that you receive our boxes, to your door, at a time that suits you so that you can things done in your own time.

You can pack and move at your own pace, and only when everything is done and dusted for the move, give us a call and weíll come to collect the boxes from your new place. We are just a phone call away! Best thing about hiring Boomerang Boxes to temporary hold all your items that youíre moving is that our method is all about being kind to the environment. We leave you free of any cardboard box wastage!

If youíre doing a residential move, or commercial move, trust Boomerang Boxes to provide the perfect moving box solution for you. Call us for more information .

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