With Boomerang Box, you’ll get all the resources that you need for your move, as easy as 1-2-3!

And we’ve got some basic packages available for you to select from so that you won’t have to worry about how many boxes you need – we have done the calculations and estimations for you!

Four bedroom mooving box package

Our 3 bedroom package is a low $249 for the first week’s rental and with it comes all additional markers labels and zip ties for free! If you need a bit longer to complete the move, it’s just $57.00 for each additional week that you hang on to the boxes.

Rental Package

FREE Packing Materials Included


And like our other packages, we’ve made sure that you’ll have just the right about of supplies for your family. With our 3-bedroom package, we’ve put together enough Boomerang Boxes and stationery for the standard three-bedroom home, which means it’s perfect if you’ve rented out a whole apartment or even for a small family. If you’ve started to accumulate items in your home and are looking for a solution for packing all your items quickly and easily, you’ve found it with us!

In our package, the signature medium and large Boomerang Boxes are included. They are made of recycled plastic and have been tested for durability and strength so that when you put your items in, you can be assured of their protection throughout the move, even if there are bumps and jostling during the transit! Our boxes are a lot more durable than your traditional cardboard ones and even come fully assembled with lids that snap lock closed. You can even pack 3 Boomerang Boxes in the time it will take you to pack one cardboard box, we promise!

Our medium 50L boxes are just the right size for smaller, heavier items. You don’t want to over pack boxes with heavy items so the box remains easy to move around even after you’ve packed things in! If you have moved before, you might be familiar with the cardboard book and wine box, and this would be similar to these.

Our larger 73L boxes are ideal for the larger, lighter items. You would use this box as you would a cardboard tea chest box. This box is also very popular for large commercial moves, and for office moves that have lots of paper to move. Again, even though our boxes are crush-proof, remember not to overload them so that your removalists can carry and load them easily into the moving van!

If you are unsure if this package is right for you, get in touch with us by calling 1300 972 176. We would love to hear from you!