Moving is a huge undertaking for you and your family and there are so many things to coordinate! Why not leave the packing supplies to us at Boomerang Box with our easy packages for however big you think your move is going to be.

We have got all sorts of packing solutions for you to make your move easy and simple!

Four bedroom mooving box package

For the 4 bedroom package, pay just $319 for the first weeks rental with all the extra stationery, and then $72 for each additional week that you need to unpack and clear the boxes out.

Rental Package

FREE Packing Materials Included


With this moving box package, you’ve got enough packing supplies and our signature Boomerang Boxes enough for the standard four-bedroom home (kitchen, living room, and 2 bedrooms as well as miscellaneous knick knacks from the rest of the house). With this many boxes, it’s ideal for larger families that need a little bit more when it comes to getting ready to move homes. Don’t forget that you can still order extra boxes ala carte if you find that you still need more from us!

This is our ultimate moving box package for the ultimate residential move! It includes everything you will need to get that large move done, on time and efficiently. This would also be suitable for a smaller home that perhaps has a home office, or garage full of tools. If you’ve been staying at your current residence for a while and have accumulated a lot of items, you might need something that’s one step up from the 3-bedroom plan. And if so, then this is the package for you!

But don’t worry if you are unsure of how many boxes you will actually need; our consultants are ready to help you do a quick survey and give you a good estimate of which plan may suit you best. Just give us a call at 1300 972 176!

And if you’re moving many people and many things, the whole process of moving house can be a daunting task! We’d love to step in more and if you like, we can arrange to do all the pre-packing for you! If you just need a little bit of help, we can even give you a kick start to the packing. For example, we handle packing the tedious crockery and dinnerware in the kitchen while you focus on the kids bedrooms and living areas.

Whatever you need for your next Sydney move, Boomerang Box is here to help. We also have many great Sydney removalists’ contacts, and are happy to put you in touch with the best movers in Sydney.