If you’re moving office, you know you’ve got a big job in front of you. Boomerang Boxes are extremely cost efficient, far superior to conventional packing boxes, and are very easy to handle.

“We used the Boomerang Boxes for our internal office move. The service was fantastic, they delivered them on time at very short notice, and then collected them again when the job was complete. The best part is we didn’t have to get rid of all the cardboard afterwards, huge time saver. Thanks, will use your service again” – Danielle.

Boomerang Boxes, the smart way to move any office!

Even if you have a very large office space to move, Boomerang Boxes cover all the issues. They can completely replace your file storage boxes, office storage boxes and much more.

So how many boxes should you order for your office move?

This can be a tricky one to estimate, as every business has different needs. How many people work in your office? How much paper and archive filing do you have to move? We usually estimate how many boxes you will need over the phone, and then if you need more, we can get them out to you on the next business day, sometimes even on the same-day.

The business side of Boomerang Boxes

Boomerang Boxes deliver real value for your business:

  • Measurable costs: You will always know the exact upfront cost of your Boomerang Boxes, however many you order.
  • We’ll give you as many Boomerang Boxes as you want: We can supply any quantity you need.
  • Very safe, reliable containers: Boomerang Boxes are super-tough, and designed for safe handling.
  • Safety for your contents: Old style office moving boxes like cardboard usually break or fall apart during a move. You can avoid the costs of damage to valuable contents and replacing containers with our heavy duty Boomerang Boxes.
  • Time and space: Boomerang Boxes are designed to manage space and time. You can stack them systematically and organise your move easily.
  • No need to clean up after moving: When you’ve moved, we simply pick up your boxes.

Our ironclad guarantee to you

We’re so sure of our product that we’ll give you a guarantee like no other: We will give you your money back if you don’t enjoy using your Boomerang Boxes!

Moving box testimonials

"Your boxes are amazing and provide an excellent packing experience and solution!"

"I've already told several of my friends about the concept as I think it's fantastic!"

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