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Your number one choice for office moving box rental in Sydney — we’re the eco-friendly way to move!

If you’re moving offices, there’s no doubt you’ve got a big job ahead of you. Whether you’re working in a small single-room office or managing multiple floors in a high-rise, there are mountains of paperwork to move, desks, chairs, computers and so much more to move from point A to point B.

Right now, you’re probably wondering how you can minimise costs while still getting the job done right. With Boomerang Boxes, you can move from office to office in a cost-efficient way, while keeping your contents safe and secure throughout the move.

Boomerang Boxes are far superior to conventional cardboard packing boxes. Our moving boxes are reusable, stackable and easier to handle than standard cardboard boxes, making them the best choice for offices looking to move!

Plus, our hard-wearing office moving boxes can be used up to 400 times — in comparison, cardboard boxes can be used up to three times before they break and need to be replaced or recycled.

Don’t get caught out with flimsy cardboard boxes, or the burden of having to bin or recycle them after the move. Office moves are complicated enough as it is — with Boomerang Box, you can pack up, relocate and have your moving boxes picked up the following day so you have no garbage to part with.

For office moving box rentals in Sydney, contact the friendly team from Boomerang Box! We’re the convenient and eco-friendly way to move throughout the city.

The benefit of Boomerang Boxes for your office move

We know office or business moves can be complicated — there are countless boxes to be accounted for, making unpacking even harder! That’s why Boomerang Boxes are Sydney’s number one choice for office moving box rentals in the city.

Our boxes are easily stackable, meaning you can organise your moving boxes according to your office or business specifications and unpack with ease knowing where everything is from the word “go”.

But that’s not all. Our Boomerang Boxes deliver real value because:

At Boomerang Box, our goal is to make your move simple, sanitary and as environmentally friendly as possible. But don’t just hear it from us — here are some testimonials from our happy customers!

Hear from our happy movers

“We used the Boomerang Boxes for our internal office move. The service was fantastic, they delivered them on time at very short notice and then collected them again when the job was complete. The best part is we didn’t have to get rid of all the cardboard afterwards. Huge time saver. Thanks, I will use your service again!”

- Danielle

“Your boxes are amazing and provide an excellent packing experience and solution. I’ve already told several of my friends about the concept as I think it’s fantastic!”

- Greg

Boomerang Boxes: the smart way to move any office!

Even if you have a very large office to move, Boomerang Box covers all challenges. For example, Boomerang Boxes can replace your file storage boxes — we have individual file storage boxes available to hire, so you can keep your files protected and well-filed from your original location to the next.

Want to know more about our office moving box rentals in Sydney? Here are some of our most common FAQs:

+ How many Boomerang Boxes should you order for your office move?

This can be a tricky one to estimate as every business has different needs. How many people work in your office? How much paper and archive filing do you have to move? We usually estimate how many boxes you will need over the phone and then if you need more, we can get them out to you on the next business day — sometimes even on the same day!

Don’t stress if you need more boxes in your move. We can provide more on a whim.

+ How are Boomerang Boxes more eco-friendly?

Our Boomerang Boxes can be used up to 400 times before recycling. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, can be used between two to three times before needing to be recycled or binned.

Cardboard boxes are flimsy, unreliable and useless after use.

Boomerang Boxes are 100% reusable so customer after customer can use them for their move. It’s a community movement that’s both safe and customisable!

+ Are there commercial prices for big moves?

Absolutely! We offer competitive rates for large commercial moves, even on long term orders. We can make your move more cost-effective than other moving businesses in Sydney.

+ How do office moving box rentals work?

We offer a wide range of office moving box rentals online, for example:

At Boomerang Box, we want to make office moving box rental a breeze. For more information about office moving box rental in Sydney, contact Boomerang Box today!

Commercial office moving box rental discounts

Looking to move a large business from point A to point B? We understand the process can be both challenging and expensive. You have countless boxes to fill and you want to minimise downtime to keep your business afloat during the move.

Moving locations shouldn’t be an expensive task, which is why we offer generous discounts for commercial and office moving box rental in Greater Sydney.

Simply get in touch with our team on 1300 972 176 and ask about our commercial discounts — we’ll get you where you need at a fraction of the price you’ll get with our competitors.

Removalist services to make your move simple

With countless Boomerang Boxes to move across the city, you’re going to need an expert team of removalists to make the move simple and stress-free. Our sister business, Smart Move Removals & Storage, can move one person offices to 400 person offices with ease.

With more than 14 years experience relocating offices across Sydney, Smart Move will ensure that your move is completed quickly, quietly and with minimum disruption to your working week.

The team at Smart Move knows exactly how important it is that your move happens without hampering your company’s productivity — for an obligation-free quote, contact Smart Move on 1300 762 786 (or 1300 SMART MOVE) today.

Order your Boomerang Boxes and get moving today!

Ready to make a move?

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