How To Pack Up Your Kitchen

Packing sure is difficult, no matter where in the house you start. But packing away your kitchen is not only difficult because of the number of items, but because of how many fragile items there are too. Boomerang Boxes has lots of experience with fitting different items into our plastic moving boxes over the course of many years so we'd love to share with you some tips to help you pack your kitchen easily and efficiently!

  1. Sort and Organize. After living in your home for a few years, if you look through your drawers and cabinets, you might realise that items of the same type have a way of getting scattered around the kitchen when you need to pack them together. Start by sorting through all of your cupboards and organising everything into sections, such as cutlery, plates, glasses, food and knives. The more organized your items are, the easier it will be to pack the same types of items into boxes, and even easier to organize the kitchen you're unloading into.