Packing Advice For Movers

To help perfect the art of packing up a house, the Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA) has developed a training DVD for its members. AFRA says that there is more to packing than meets the eye and recommends a professional removals company for a more streamlined operation, carefully packed goods and protection against breakages. For those planning to go it alone, it's worth asking the following questions, according to Which items which would be better packed professionally? What are the benefits of using a certain removals company? Are packing materials included in the quote? Is there a refund for returned packing materials? Will the boxes be unpacked by the removals company? Is there a cost benefit to unpacking the boxes yourself? If you unpack boxes yourself, will the packing materials be taken away by the removal company? AFRA reminds movers that some removalists (including its own members) won't accept breakage claims if customers opt to unpack the boxes themselves, so bear this in mind before opting to do the work yourself. Source: