Packing Away Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often deceptively complex when it comes time to move house. Their small size can hide many important items that need to be checked before they are packed away. To start the packing process, concentrate on your medicine first as this needs to be both checked and packed carefully. Make sure you look at the expiration date on any of your medicines, vitamins and ointments as there is no point packing items that can no longer be used. Place medicines into a separate bag or box and label them clearly. Keep them well out of reach if you have small children. The next step is to sort through and pack your toiletries, which can take just as much time as sorting through your medicine cabinet. Throw away any old soap, razors and other bathroom items you no longer use or need. Pack away all of your toiletries separately and make sure you have easy access to them, as you will want to use them in your new home almost immediately to wash. Source: