Packing Boxes Correctly For Your Move

Rather than using old boxes that can fall apart when you move house, it is recommended that you find new, stable ones instead. The cardboard in older boxes can easily break due to degradation or the simple fact that they were made to hold something lighter than your household belongings. Reusable plastic boxes are a better, more durable alternative; however, if you choose to stick with cardboard for your move, use these tips to further protect your belongings from damage:

  1. Use masking tape or packing tape to add strength to the bottom of the box. Make sure you use a 'cross' pattern as this will add the most strength.
  2. Separate your heavier items and place them in the bottom of the box to avoid crushing any delicate or lighter items.
  3. Make sure there is no free space in the box as this will mean everything will move around during the move, making it more likely that items will be damaged.
  4. As a rule of thumb, keep your boxes below 20 kg, otherwise they will be difficult and dangerous to lift.
  5. Seal up your boxes carefully and make sure the top is flat, otherwise it can be difficult to stack them in a truck or in your car.