Packing Correctly For Your House Move

Getting yourself prepared for your house move can be made easier by having a set system in place before you start packing. This includes getting started well before you have to be out of your home and off to your new address. If you can, start packing a few days in advance, as you never know when you might experience delays. Make sure you have all of your packing boxes organised in advance and start packing a section of your house at a time. Either start at one end of your home or work from the upstairs down, as this will be simpler and more systematic. Working your way from room to room will mean you don't forget anything and you can label everything neatly for when you have to unpack. Make sure that you place all of your heavier items at the bottom of boxes to avoid squashing or damaging anything. For your own safety it is also a good idea to mark heavy boxes so you don't strain yourself when you pick them up. Source: