Packing Electronics When Moving House

Electronics can be moved safely with this advice from Before starting, check user guides for any specific moving instructions. Visit the manufacturer's website if the guide has gone missing. Toners and ink cartridges should be removed and bagged separately. Empty equipment of any removable media such as DVDs or flash drives. The packaging the equipment came in is best for repacking, but electronic boxes are available from moving companies if the original box and packing is not available. Strengthened boxes are an alternative option. Colour code all cables, plugs and ports before disconnecting. Circular sticky labels are ideal for this task. This will make it easier to put them back together at the other end. Secure disconnected cables with twist ties, place in a sealable plastic bag, then tape the bag to equipment. Wrap all other removable parts separately. Starting with the largest piece of equipment, add items to a box, protecting with anti-static packing materials between layers and gaps. Seal the box. Mark boxes as "fragile" for movers and indicate which way up box should be kept. Source: