Packing Away Your Garden Shed

Moving on to the outside of your home, if you're lucky to own a garage space or have a garden shed, you're going to have another problem on your hands when it comes to getting everything neatly organized for a move. Boomerang Box has had lots of customers tell us about what a nightmare it was when they opened up their tool rooms where odds and ends are stored and found out there that it would be impossible to pack some of these items together!

While items from your kitchen and other rooms of your home may stack together easily, your shed will be filled with oddly-shaped and sometimes dangerous items including but not limited to tools, motorized equipment, pots and plant holders as well as odds and ends for DIY projects like nails and screws. Especially if you have been living at the same address for some time, we're sure that the amount of things accumulated in this storage room might have reached a critical point. You should then also consider your first step to be deciding what you really need to keep and try to start decluttering as soon as possible! Most garden sheds will be filled with useless, rusted, or worn out items that will not be needed in your new garden, so take your time to sort through items that genuinely should be tossed out. You could also face problems with moving lawnmowers and other equipment, large or small, that runs on petrol. Special care needs to be taken with these as you don't want oil and other nasty chemicals leaking into your household items. It is best to transport these separately, or at least cordon them off in your moving truck, van or trailer. Be extra careful with any garden cutting tools and make sure you wrap and tape any sharp or pointy implements to avoid hurting yourself when you are packing and unpacking. You may want to invest in a good tool box for items like hammers and screwdrivers that will be able to be put together so that you don't have to worry about anything going missing while everything is in transit. Deck or lawn furniture and other outdoor equipment like swings or trampolines should be dismantled as well. They can be easily set up at your new home. Bicycles and other kids mobile vehicles shouldn't have to be dismantled, but it would also be a good idea to give all these items a good wipe down as well so that they are all freshened up and clean to display in your new garden. With all the tips above, Boomerang Box truly hopes that you'll be able to make short work of an otherwise daunting task of packing up your garden shed. We also want to see you succeed at packing every other part of your home, so do find out more on our blog about different tips and tricks that can help you get the other rooms organized and sorted out before your move.