Packing Tips For Moving In A Hurry

There are all sorts of reasons why people move, but sometimes, those reasons need you to pick up the pace and really get yourself hustling if you wanted to move out or get to your new house in time! If you have to move house in a hurry, here are some useful tips to help you get the job done fast.

Start early: start packing as soon as you know you are moving and pack the least-used items around the house first. Books and display items like china and trophies count in this category. Remember, the faster you start packing, the faster you'll finish packing! Be strategic: separate some rations from the rest of the items that you're going to pack and mark the boxes that you will need immediately upon arrival. If you have a suitcase packed with clothes, toiletries and bed linen, settling into your new home on the first day/night will be that much easier because you'll be able to settle in with all your necessities in easy reach. Pack sensibly: making the most of the packing materials you have means filling the larger boxes with a greater number of light items and small boxes with a few heavier items. This makes it easier for the moving professionals to carry and lift the boxes around the house for loading. If we help to make their job easier, the faster they'll be able to get the move wrapped up and on the road. Pack furniture: lots of furniture are actually storage items, and to leave them empty, would be a great waste of capacity and space! If you can, fill drawers and cupboards with items to reduce the number of boxes that you need at the end of the day. At the same time, the weight inside the furniture will help to stabilize the items while they are in the truck too! Don't forget to wrap them well and have them packed in the cabinets well so they don't roll around while on the move. Protect items: rather than packing blankets and towels, you can protect them with plastic garbage bags and then use your new protective padding to wrap around fragile items and susceptible furniture to protect them from breakage and scuffing or other damage. Be ready: do a last minute check the night before the move to make sure everything is packed and ready to go on moving day. Especially if you need to have documents and payment ready, make sure that these are in easy reach as movers and truck rentals charge by the hour. And for all your packing needs, don't forget that Boomerang Box offers you a cheap and environmentally friendly way to manage and handle all the items that need to go from one place to another. Find out more about how our plastic boxes can make moving that much more simple and convenient for you if you're in a rush to get moving!